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Aurora Body Suit

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Cindy M,  Maine

I'm almost afraid to report this it's so soon. Just finished my second day of four sessions using one of each of the four modes that I explained to you. Hopped in the tub to soak and gently pressed down on my belly button where the hernia exists… No pain no tenderness! Is that possible?

I can't believe it. Normally just touching it and I holler out in pain. Unbelievable! Can't believe this can happen so quickly.

P.S.  Also saggy skin on forearms seems to be diminishing a bit .

Hi again Gern. Can't believe all that the body suit is doing!!  Have lost around 5 pounds. Feel so much more compact.  And, even the age spots on my hands are noticeably fading!!  I would have spoken up on Sunday but came down an intestinal bug

Image by Steven Pahel

D Love  California

OK… you are going to think this is ‘out there,’ but since February of this year, I started using several products from Body Waves International and they have been a game-changer for me. The one product that is getting amazing success is the bodysuit. It is doing amazing things for people who want to enhance their well-being, body and muscles.


Being the extraordinary “NT” that you are, take a look at and see for yourself if it’s something that might interest you. 


I am using the Omni-Mat and Star Necklace and getting amazing results.


That’s all I have to say. Let me know if you have questions and if not, that’s all for now.


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