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Welcome to the next evolution in technology. 


First, I'd like to thank you for visiting and supporting a solution to an on-going and growing demand which we all are facing. I'm sure just like me, every one of you have run out of battery power either on your cell phone or other mobile devices and always at the worst possible time, (like there ever is a good time to run out of power). Today there are so many new apps and mobile devices that we just can’t live without. 

The POD was created to manage all your USB mobile devices so that you will never be without power or have to do anything else except take this handy little device with you. Simply plug your USB cable into the USB port of the POD and it will turn on automatically. The color band will start glowing around the unit and that’s how you know it is working. Once your unit is charged, you simply unplug the USB cable and the glowing power indicator will automatically turn off. 

The POD is a fully maintenance free unit, which means you will never have to charge it for the next 10 years. This unit comes with an adjustable mounting strap that fits all cell phones. With the shape of the POD, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand giving you a better more comfortable grip, meaning less likelihood of dropping, when mounted to your cell phone. The adjustable strap can also be worn on your wrist, belt loop or  purse strap for your convenience. I added an ultra bright LED flashlight to the front of the POD so you can just tap the light and it goes on, when you tap it again it will go off. I added this because we never have a light when we need it. So enjoy this feature.

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