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I am so frustrated as I’m sure many of you are with seeing drawings, 3D Models and hearing talks about all these cool futuristic energy saving electric vehicles that 10-15 years later still aren’t out. As a kid I would day dream (as I was walking back and forth to school in the cold, rain and snow) about fully enclosing a bicycle but lacked the skills of welding and type of materials to build it. 50 years later…

Introducing a comfortable, powerful, self-charging enclosed Carcycle:

The Pleiadian is a human powered electric assist 3-wheeled reverse trike with front wheel drive, tilting cabin, and independent suspension. It is a two-seater with bucket style seats (front and back). Stylish in appearance, Lamborghini type doors, with a futuristic design will have you riding in style whether going forward, neutral, or in reverse.

Protection from the elements and temperature makes for an enjoyable riding experience in summer or winter. It is narrow enough to be taken through a standard doorway, yet it has the same height as a small SUV giving you the safety of excellent vision and visibility to be easily seen by other vehicles. It combines human power with modern technology enabling it to generate power using solar panels, wind turbines, pedals, 3 dynamos and regenerative braking through 200ah lithium battery power bank. It is EV charge-station compatible and can travel 100 miles on a single charge. The Pleiadian takes us to a whole new concept of travel.

The Pleiadian meets regulations for legal road travel – following the laws for bicycles or scooters. No Drivers License, No Registration, No Insurance, No Inspection or Plates (Check your local city and or state municipality for current updated regulations). The Pleiadian is designed for city travel limited to 25 mph, yet is capable of off-road travel up to 60 mph with a range of 100 miles per charge. Now you can safely, comfortably, and economically go where you want. No need to stop for gas. If the batteries get low, just start pedaling to recharge them and travel as far as you want.

BONUS FEATURE: Your Carcycle is also a safe and free power station generator, For Emergencies, Recreational, Off the Grid or just saving money. You could ensure electricity during an emergency, crises, extreme conditions, or blackouts Great for Indoors, Home, Apartment, Barn, Backyard, Camp Site, RV, Boat and Tailgate parties.


For a safe Reliable Power Alternative.  No Gas or Diesel, No Running Out of Fuel, No Problems Starting After Sitting for Long Periods of Time, No Harmful Fumes, No Noise or Vibration and can be used indoors safely.


Your Whole Family will enjoy helping while getting exercise benefits, such as Cardio Workout as you Burn Calories, Tone Muscles, Increase Circulation, Build Endurance and Stamina for arms, shoulders, chest, legs and core.

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