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Imagine.. A Machine That Can: Melt Fat, Erase Cellulite, Tighten & Repair Skin, Boost Metabolism, Re-Generate Healthy Cells, Detoxify The Body, Build, Shape, Tone Muscle, Increase Strength, Strengthen Immune System, Anti-aging Face Lifts, Lymphatic Drainage, Firms, Tones and Lift Breasts while Burning 900-1200 Calories. 

We all know how difficult it is in today's hectic lifestyle to maintain that athletic, tone, muscular, youthful body that we once had or always wanted. Now the newest in fitness technology allows us to use computerized body sculpting units to tone, bodybuild, shape, shed inches, lose cellulite & increase your strength up to 50%, while you sit back and relax. After every session you'll feel refreshed and relaxed. 
Stress and tension slip away. Your improved blood circulation will give you a feeling of increased energy and well being, you will benefit from having healthier muscles. Professional athletes, physiotherapists and chiropractors have been using this technology for strengthening, toning, reshaping, firming & conditioning of muscle for over 50 years. "Electrocise" is also great for the physically disabled to prevent muscle  atrophy. 

When time is limited YOU can Electrocise!


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  • Professional Home Unit is amazing for home or on the go for a total body workout. In a society that is exceedingly busy, focused on time, appearance, exercise and weight loss, the BodyWave “Electrocise” is a technological breakthrough with multiple applications for the majority of the population.


    10 PROGRAMS:

    Body Building, Maximum Building, Breast Lifting, Breast Enlargement, Fat Emulsifier, Face Micro-lifting, Pain Management, Tummy Tuck, Inch Loss, Maximum Toning.



    6 Channels

    12 Pads

    10 Programs

    LCD Screen

    Users Manual

    Velcro Straps

    Power Cord

    Carry Travel Case

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